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Doing That Crazy Hand Jive

Kristy Klenot and Melissa Mandlikova waste no time proceeding right to the action. They dont like to dawdle. The hand party kicks off immediately with Kristy furiously jerking Mr. Johnson, her face a mask of pure lust, her voice dripping with erotic intensity. Kristy deserves an award for dirty talking. The aggressor of the two girls, the ringmistress Kristy calls Melissa over to claim her share of inches too. Kristy calls the shots, Melissa obeys. This is an epic tits and tugs job lasting an incredible 17 minutes and in lots of positions. Kristy and Melissa are non-stop and a textbook example of strokin and boob-bangin at its hottest. They make a boobtastic team!
big tits, busty
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Duration: 2:00
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Date Added: Oct 10, 2011
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