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Flashback Cheyenne Gets Ass-fucked By A Mechanic

To some women, a lube job means getting your cars oil changed every 3,000 miles. To 41-year-old wife and mom Cheyanne Hunter, it means the full-service treatment getting your oil changed then oiling up your pussy and asshole for some deep dipstick plunging by a greasy br Thats what happens in this vintage, remastered scene. Cheyenne comes up to J.T. as he works on a car in the auto repair shop. She wants him, he wants her, but hes not sure thats a good br Because your husband and everything, he says. I really need this br She really needs his cock, right then and there, and you know how this is going to turn out. But where is it going to turn out? Right there in the repair shop. He fucks her under the hood of the car then turns her upside-down and drills her pussy. They fuck on the garage floor, and Cheyenne is very loud and talks dirty. Shes very flexible, too. She gets her legs behind her head so J.T. can fuck her in the pretzel position. Then he slides his dick into her asshole before cumming all over her big br Auto mechanics turn me on, Cheyenne said. Theyre so dirty and grungy and they know how to work with their tools. She laughed. I loved sucking on J.T.s piston rod. I especially enjoyed it when he did a full inspection of my back br Im a romantic. I like a man who knows how to treat a woman, but how should a man treat a woman? I mean, just because a man is polite and opens doors for a woman shouldnt mean he doesnt know how to fuck her. Some men think theyre not being gentlemen if they really slam a girls pussy hard. No! Youre a gentleman if you fuck me good and make me cum!br br br Youre not being a gentleman if you try to stick your cock in my ass without asking first. So just ask. Chances are Ill say yes. In fact, Ill probably spread my ass cheeks wide so its easier for you to slide right in. And dont even think about babying my ass when youre in it. Fuck it hard! I wanna hear your balls slapping against my cunt!
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