Introducing Brenda Douglas, Our New 60Plus MILF

I am 67, said Brenda Douglas, a divorcee who, today, is getting nude on-camera for the first time in her life. Shes never been a stripper. Shes not a nudist. Shes not a webcam model. Shes a businesswoman from California .br br And now shes doing this. Thursday, shes going to fuck on-camera for the first time. Its always a big event when we introduce a new 60Plus MILFs. Were excited about br Im very excited about it, Brenda br It happened rather quickly. Im rather sexual. I play a lot at home with my sex buddies, and someone mentioned your website. I had no idea there even was such a thing. I went to the site, clicked on Be A Model, and that was just a couple of weeks ago. Its a dream come true for br She is making our dreams come true by using a big, black toy to show us how she likes to satisfy br Brenda was born in Oregon. She has brown hair with blond highlights. Her eyes are hazel. Shes 57, 148 pounds with big, beautiful, natural tits that youre going to want to suck br Her hobbies Sex! Lots and lots of sex!br br Her opinion about panties I wear them about half the time. When I do wear panties, It is usually a metallic or lacy G-string or some soft and lacy bit of nothing. No panties at all feels really great!br br We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her br Those who I have encountered over my life and I have chosen to leave behind would probably be very, very surprised, she said. I now only include people in my circle who accept me for all that I am and who add quality to my life. It is a very liberating and peaceful way of br Welcome to our way of life, Brenda!
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