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Dee Williams Is A Busty Hooker

Im looking for a girl. Actually a MILF with big, fat tits, Jason says when he calls the hooker hotline. br br He gets more than he bargained br Dee Williams, 42, dressed in her finest hooker outfit, shows up at his front br You the guy that ordered the hooker? she says. I heard you were looking for big tits. These big enough for you? she says as she opens her cheap fur br Holy, fuck, theyre huge! he says, br I call them my moneymakers, she says. Lets get this show on the road. I dont have all br They go upstairs, where Dee gives him full-service and more. More? Well, she licks his asshole, and she very obviously has a good time doing it. This is a hooker who loves her work. Theres tit-fucking and pussy slamming with Dees legs in the pretzel position and a big load of cum on Dees tits. She spoons the cum off her tits with her fingers and eats it. Yep, a hooker who eats br By the way, watch to the very br What gets Dee off, besides getting paid by her johns I love a good licking. But, honestly, anything that Im very into and my partner is very into is going to get me off br I love confident, aggressive men, but I also love a good boy who can take br One of my greatest fantasies is being watched, so my husband often indulges me and takes me to the sex club and ties me up right there on stage so everyone can watch what happens to me.
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