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Feel Me Up - S10E1

pSofia Lee takes her time dressing in a simple red sheath that feels incredible against her big tits. She doesnt bother with a bra or underwear, preferring to be free and ready for anything the evening may offer. When she walks out to meet Don Diego, Sofia quickly figures out that her evening isnt going to involve going out at all.ppPopping Sofias massive jugs out and jiggling them between his hands, Don leads Sofia back to the bedroom with a smack on the ass. His shorts are a distant memory as Sofia gets to her knees before him. The horny European quickly proves that shes an expert with her mouth as she deep throats Dons dick and sucks his balls. When she takes her boobs in both hands and creates a tunnel for Dons personal pleasure, he leans back and enjoys the titty fuck Sofia has offered.ppDrawing Sofia to her feet, Don peels her dress off and then arranges her on the bed. She spreads her thighs as he kneels between them. Then he dives in with his tongue fondling Sofias clit as his hands knead her breasts. His pussy feast gets Sofia nice and wet, perfect for Don to get to his feet and slam his cock home so he can piston in and out of her greedy snatch.ppRolling onto her hands and knees, Sofia takes a doggy style pounding that leaves her hands curled in the blankets with the force of her pleasure. Dons dick fills her to the brim from that angle, but feels even better when they change things up so that Sofia is on top. Riding Dons fuck stick in her bare twat as her jugs quiver, Sofia keeps her hips in motion until her whole body shivers from her climax.ppWhen Sofia turns around for some cowgirl action, Don pulls her close and buries his face between her knockers. The combined friction from Dons stubble as he motorboats her and his cock as she continues to ride him is too much for Sofia. She gives in to the force of another climax that leaves her boneless with bliss.ppOn her back, Sofia lifts one thigh to accommodate Don reentering her. He sets the pace now, taking what he needs to get to the brink of cumming. As he reaches the point of no return, Don pulls out to give Sofia a shower of sticky love between her voluptuous breasts.p
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