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Ladies Night - S33E22

pThree hot girls are having a slumber party with snacks and movies in bed. Milana Ricci is absorbed in the movie, but Evelyn Claire and Veronica Kirei cant seem to keep their eyes off one another. After a few sensual moments of teasing, Evelyn leans in for a deep kiss. Milania is initially oblivious to the way her girlfriends are making out behind her, but when she turns around to see Veronica pinching Evelyns nipple to hardness she wants in on the action. Evelyn and Veronica are happy to oblige.ppThe girls share a three-way kiss that is both sweet and sensual, but eventually more than just their mouths start to wander. Veronica sweeps her hand down to cup Milanas ass, then up to fondle her breasts. Meanwhile, Evelyns hand meets Veronicas at that sensual destination. Veronica may think she has the upper hand, but Evelyn and Milana combine forces to lift Veronicas shirt and go in for a mutual titty feast.ppAs their foreplay winds down, the girls eventually move Evelyn onto her back in the bed. All three of them discard their clothes as they go, making it simple for Milana to slide nude between Evelyns thighs and lick her hot little pussy over her panties before sliding them away for a rea treat. As Milana is making magic with her mouth between Evelyns legs, Veronica keeps the party going up top with plenty of tit and nipple action.ppVeronica and Milana each settle to either side of Evelyn and link their legs together. The position keeps Evelyn as the center of attention, allowing both girls to finger her creamy twat. Evelyn can reach out to each side and find a dripping pussy to play with as well. That much sensuality would be enough for anyone, but this trio isnt nearly finished yet.ppPutting Milana between Evelyns legs so the raven haired hottie can hold her close, Vernonia grabs a vibrator and presses it to Milanas clit. Milana is already locked and loaded for a good climax, so it doesnt take much effort by Veronica to make her lover cum. As Milana explodes in delight, her passion sprays all over the bed. Her gushing just makes everything hotter than ever as the girls change positions once again.ppVeronica finds herself kneeling between Milana and Evelyn as the two lap away at her titties while fondling her twat. Its Evelyns turn for pleasure, though, as Veronica lays her lover down on her back and watches as Milana uses the vibrator for another round of passionate fun. When Veronica finally finds herself as the center of attention, it is with Evelyn playing the vibrator between her thighs as she feasts on Milanas creamy center.ppForcing Veronicas attention to stay on her own pleasure, Milana cushions her girlfriends head on her thighs as Evelyn continues to make magic with the toy. She rubs the vibrator up and down Veronicas clit, then leaves it in place until Veronicas hips are bucking.ppNow that the girls have each enjoyed an orgasm, they know that theres still more fun to be had. They arrange themselves in a circle so that each of them is mouth to pussy with another. Veronica works on Milanas twat, while Milana works on Evelyns. Evelyn completes the circle with her fingers buried in Veronicas snatch. Working together, the girls enjoy one last leisurely climax apiece before they cuddle together to bask in the afterglow.p
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