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Pretty Normal Girl

Im a pretty normal girl, 20-year-old Seattle native Ivy told us. I mean, Ive got some secrets, but who doesnt?br br That intrigued us, so we pressed Ivy to give us some br Ive got a lot of...odd fetishes. Im into daddydaughter play. I like using mouth gags. Im a big fan of light choking, light spanking, biting, and stuff like that. I love watching gangbang porn, and Id like to participate in a gangbang someday. One time, I had a threesome with another girl and a dude. The guy and I spent the entire time dominating this little submissive girl. I got such a power rush from br We asked Ivy how many times she came from dominating that br I didnt cum during the threesome, but I came later that night when I played with my toy. I use vibrators a lot because its really hard to make me cum any other way. I usually have to use an insertable toy and a Hitachi in order to push myself over the edge.
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Date Added: Jun 06, 2017