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Carnival Cutie

Lives West Virginiabr Occupation Carnival employeebr Age 21 br Born January 23br Ht 52 br Wt 99 pounds br Bras 34Bbr Panties Booty shortsbr Anal Im still new to it, but Im enjoying it!br BJs Swallowbr Masturbate Every day!br br When Kaylee told us that she works as a Carnival employee, we thought that she meant Carnival cruise line. We didnt realize that she meant that she works at a Tilt-a-whirl and cotton-candy My kinkiest sexual encounter was probably in one of the carnival rides, she told us. It was one of the gravity rides that spins really fast. I was staying late, walking the grounds with one of my coworkers. For some reason I was really horny that night, so I grabbed the guy and we snuck in there for some action. I wanted to give him a blowjob, so I dropped to my knees. I was still inexperienced at the time, so I was nervous. He actually started fucking my face, so I went with it. That was the first time I deepthroated and got that drooly, wet blowjob spit going on. I swallowed his load, then we fucked for, like, 45 minutes before a manager started banging on the side of the ride because we were missing for so Kaylee also told us that shes into BDSM, loves swallowing cum, likes horseback riding in her downtime and that she used to dance ballet in high
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