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Lillian Faye On SCOREtv

This topless chat with Lillian Faye was filmed but never shown in any of the nine official episodes of the iSCOREtvi show. Lillian rarely spoke in any of her videos except for A Chestful of Surprises but on the iSCOREtvi set she spoke candidly about herself and her amazingly slim and stacked physique. Her girl-next-door personality is br Im not ashamed of my body, Lillian tells iSCOREtvi host Dave who calls her boobs flawless. Lillian admits shes a little nervous. I like my body. Im comfortable with it. I guess I have a little bit of a shy personality but I like to show off my body. Youd never think Lillians shy, not from watching her videos and photo sets. Busty and proud of it, she seems very self-confident and assured. br
big tits, busty
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Date Added: Sep 19, 2013
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