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Busty Hookers Kelly Madison

In the SCORE movie Busty Hookers, Kelly Madison, Alexis May, Brandy Talore and Carmen Hayes street-walk in the concrete jungles of Miami as nasty, big-boobed whores. Presented as a public service for educational purposes in the analysis of urban boobonics, this chapter of Busty Hookers stars Kelly Madison as the perfect busty hooker. She dresses like a busty hooker. She talks like a busty hooker. She swallows the pocket-pipe like a busty hooker. She bangs like a busty hooker. Of course, Kelly is not an actual busty hooker, shes just portraying a busty hooker. But if Kelly really was a busty hooker, which she is not, a punter would definitely blow his paycheck hiring her once hes paid his monthly alimony bill. According to and a group of SCORE staffers polled in the mens room, number 4 on the top 10 list of womens most common sexual fantasies is role-playing an escort, street ho, call girl or ranch slut. Everyone loves those busty hookers! Busty Hookers won the Editors Choice award for Best All SexGonzo release at the 15th Nightmoves Magazine Annual Awards in Tampa, Florida.
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