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When The Husbands Away, The Wife Gets Ass-Fucked

The lesson of this video is simple If youre a husband with a hot MILF for a wife, dont leave your MILF alone in the house with another guy when shes horny. When this video opens, 56-year-old Raven from Idaho is making out with her husband on the couch. Theyre interrupted by the picture hanger, who made the mistake of stepping on their expensive piano. The hubbys pissed, but hes suddenly called away on business, leaving Raven horny and vulnerable.brbr Sorry, my husbands a little bit of an asshole, she tells the picture hanger. Do you need help hanging those paintings?brbr She straightens the painting, then she straightens his dick. His cock goes straight into her mouth, then into her pussy, then into her tight MILF ass. Lesson learned for Mr. Hubby? Probably not. The picture hanger cums on Ravens ass, and hes still not back. Oh, well. He can catch whatever he missed on
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Date Added: Oct 10, 2011
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