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Busty Swinger Booties For Women

Morgan Leigh is a busty swinger in this SCORE video and photo set. This is no lie. She does swing. Kinda. There was an old fashioned swing In the backyard of the house we were using and Morgan came up with the idea of doing a video and picture set on it. Shes wearing the perfect outfit for warm weather romping, a tube top and a tight short-shorts. As always, Morgan could teach a telephone sex operator a few tips in horny chat, if not an entire classroom of phone sex operators. Morgans got a gift for it. Now theres an idea. An on-line class booties for women in horny talk and toy play. It doesnt take her very long to strip down to complete nudity and start doing herself with the big, blue vibrator, plunging it into her tight, wet pussy as she swings back and forth. She said the sensation of toying herself on a moving swing was more fun than she thought it would be. Who knows? Morgans video may spark an uptick in garden swing sales! What would be the next step? Toying on a rollercoaster? Cum to think of it, probably not! Thank you as always, Morgan Leigh!
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Date Added: Oct 10, 2011
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