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Sabina Leigh In Busty Big-Uns

Sabina Leigh is a very sexy and talented young woman from the Denver, Colorado area. Sabina kick-started her modeling career for the most part with The SCORE Group and has appeared in five issues of Voluptuous magazine so far in some very...inspiring...pictorials. In this horny masturbation video from the DVD Busty Big-Uns, Sabina, who is also a sex educator, researcher and sexologist, actually uses a toy that she designed herself. She told us all about it I like to use anything thats hooked or curved. I actually have designed a couple of toys of my own and Im working on some new designs. My best one so far has a hooked end thats just right for hitting the G-spot. Would you like to see it? This video shows how to use it properly. I do all the designs and a good friend of mine who blows glass actually makes them for me. This is just a prototype. This is the very first one we have made and its really good because it has this hook that turns it right to the G-spot. I like to use it really, really fast so it pounds the G-spot hard. Thats what makes the G-spot fill with blood and essentially become erect and poke out into the vaginal canal. It becomes more sensitive at that point. The toy has extra ridges on it as well, for more stimulation. See? Beauty, boobs and brains, all in one sexy body. br
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