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Girls Make Me Cum - S35E19

pTiffany Tatum is looking fine in her blue lingerie and high heels. The see-through material gives peeks at Tiffanys skin, and also makes it easy to detect her arousal as she watches Alecia Fox get ready for their sexy afternoon in. When Tiffany cant wait another moment, she slips across the room and into Alecias lap for a kiss and more.ppThe girls pull down one anothers bras with slow reverence, peppering their intimate exploration with additional kisses and caresses. By the time Tiffany fills her hands with Alecias breasts, she finds hard nipples that are tender to the couch. Alecia is quickly lost to the sensual storm raging between them. When Tiffany offers her hand to lead Alecia to the other room, Alecia is quick to accept.ppNow that Tiffany has Alecia right where she wants her, she takes things nice and slow. She unveils Alecias twat with gentle movements, enjoying every touch against her girlfriends hot flesh. With deliberate motions, Tiffany relieve Alecia of her panties and then slides her fingers knuckles deep into Alecias twat. She keeps up her finger banging until Alecias moans fill the room.ppNot about to leave Tiffany wanting, Alecia turns the tables on her girl as she comes down from her climax. She gets Tiffany onto her hands and knees so that she can admire her anus while easily reaching her twat. Alecias fingers slide into Tiffanys cream filled snatch so easily, with the liquid heat dripping faster as Alecia licks her way up the small of Tiffanys back.ppTurning things back on Alecia, Tiffany sits her girl down and cradles Alecia between her thighs. From behind, Tiffany can easily reach Alecias greedy puss. Another round of pussy fingering is on the table, with Tiffany enjoying every squirm of delight combined with the perfume of Alecias obvious arousal. When the girls swap places once again, Alecia curls Tiffany onto her side to begin, then pushes Alecias thighs out of the way so that her girlfriend is completely open to her ministrations.ppTiffany gives as good as she gets, urging Alecia to mirror the position she has just enjoyed so thoroughly. The girls then arrange themselves into a 69 with Alecia on top and Tiffany riding the bottom. Licking and caressing, they each make sure that the other has reached the final pinnacle of delight. Tiffany gets there first, leaving Alecia to sit up and ride her face until she cums. Satisfied, the girls exchange a deep kiss that speaks their love for one another without words.p
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