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Rub You Right - S10E4

pJosephine Jackson is a masseuse who likes to set the scene for her seductions properly. Candlelight and a massage table are designed to make Renato comfortable. Josephine grabs a pitcher of oil and rubs her slicked hands against Renatos back. Making sure theres plenty of oil, she caresses him hard and deep to help him relax.ppOnce Josephine has finished with Renatos arms and legs, she slides her hands beneath the towel to get to his ass. Climbing onto the table, she digs in deep to make sure Renatos bottom is worked nicely. Then she prepares for something a little more sensual by peeling off her shirt and lubing up her huge naturals. Once theyre slippery, Josephine leans forward to massage Renato with her tits.ppRemoving the towel, Josephine flips Renato over and then climbs back on top. Her jug of oil comes in handy once again as she drizzles it over his chest. Leaning forward, Josephine rubs her breasts against Renatos chest, then lower to give him a titty fuck between those magnificent jugs. When Renatos fuck stick is nice and lubed up, Josephine slides down his body to open her mouth and start sucking.ppOnce Josephine has sated herself with cock, she peels off her tight pants and climbs onto Renatos hardon. Sliding down on his fuck stick is easy since hes nice and lubed up. Leaning back, Josephine rocks her hips in a tantalizing rhythm that revs both of their engines.ppRiding Renato is a delight, but hes not interested in letting Josephine keep all the power in this coupling. He urges Josephine onto her hands and knees. Still on the table, he comes up behind Josephine and slides in. Doggy style leaves her moaning for more, especially once Renato tugs her backwards so that she is kneeling as he is buried inside her.ppRolling onto her back, Josephine spreads her thighs to welcome Renato back inside. Shes all smiles as he leans in for an intimate pussy pounding where they maintain eye contact as Josephine explodes in delight. Then Renato pulls out and goes in for a titty fuck, which goes on until he blows his load in Josephines smiling face.p
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