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IThe Sex Tutori With Maddy Rose

Maddy isnt very experienced in the ways of sex, but thats what Sasha is here for. During their tutoring lesson, Maddy admits that shes distracted because her boyfriend wants to have sex with her. So Ms. Sasha gives Maddy a BJ lesson with a banana. That turns up the heat, and Sasha cant keep her hands or lips off Maddy. Now that Maddy has learned how to suck cock, she is going to learn how to cum hard at the hands of a sexy, older, experienced woman. The MILF gives the teen lots of instructions, then licks and fingers Maddys super-pink pussy on top of the kitchen counter. She coaxes an orgasm out of Maddy with a furious finger-fucking that could rival the pounding of any cock! Maddy has to return the favor and licks Sashas mature clit. At the end, they have a sloppy makeout session so the pussy juices on their lips can mix and mingle.
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Duration: 2:00
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Date Added: Jan 03, 2016