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Lets Get Physical

A woman whose pictures have decorated the bathroom or garage walls of many male employees at iSCOREi, Roxi Red is visiting the doctor today. These days, everyone claims to be a doctor, notably a breast specialist. Roxi tells him that shes here because it seems that her already huge boobs keep growing. The doc agrees and tells Roxi that her breasts have definitely gotten bigger since her last check-up. He seems to know this immediately without even seeing her bare tits. Its obvious hes a iSCOREi and iVoluptuousi reader or a iSCORELANDi br The doc does need to see Roxi in all of her glory and tells her he needs to take them out so he pulls the top of her dress down and gets hands-on. Everyone take a deep breath and try not to br The doctor begins his hands-on exam, a procedure that is not exactly in-line with proper guidelines but thats the idea anyway. These unorthodox procedures include burying his face in her hooters, holding each boob and shaking it, sucking the nipples and placing the patient on her tummy with her tits hanging over the exam table while the doctor lays on the floor and sucks them as theyre dangling. That last one is highly recommended. We consider it alternative br Roxi gets on her back so he can feel and suck her tits some more. Her hand strays to his package. This is how Roxi checks the state of a mans health. He drops trousers, putting his career, and his cock, on the line but hes a dedicated professional and Roxi needs immediate treatment so rules be damned. She takes his beef thermometer in her hand, glances at the camera, does that eyebrow raise, and then turns her full attention to taking his oral temperature. Is this any way to run a medical clinic? It is when Roxi Red visits
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