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Sex In The Office

Fuckin-A! Marilyn Mayson looks like she wants to fuck Peter into a coma. That look in her eyes is a dead giveaway. The maneater look that says, I wanna bang you. Shes gone to see him because there have been complaints about the way she dresses in the office. br br All of these complaints are by jealous bitches. She dresses too provocatively. Her big tits look ready to fall out of her tight tops. Her skirts too tight. She acts too sexy at work. Blah, blah, br Marilyns response is to see Peter and ride him right there in his office while everyone is going about their business. Shes hoping they hear all the fuck sounds and screaming and theyll get even more riled up. Suck it, haters. br br Peters nervous about getting into trouble with the company but when he sees her pretty face, and below her face, those enormous hooters, he cant help himself and he dives in head first, followed by his cock. If he does get the pink slip, at least he got the pink slit. Marilyns worth br Welcome back, Marilyn
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Date Added: Jan 02, 2016