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Barbie Kelley is the big-boobed wife of a iSCOREi magazine reader. Her interest in modeling was piqued when hubby shared his reading material. With his encouragement, she decided to take the plunge br The same way video killed the radio star, phone sex lines are not what they used to be because of the internet. Even so, Barbies sultry, silky and sexy voice is perfect for phone sex. This video is br Lets get into the mind of a iSCOREi readers br bHow should a wife treat a husband who buys iSCOREi?bbr br Constant attention is key. Dressing sexy for no particular occasion and giving massages are two things I do at br biSCOREi What kind of things get you horny?bbr br Flirting with strangers, for br biSCOREi How would you spend a million dollars?bbr br Id buy more sexy shoes and br biSCOREi The best compliment you have ever received.bbr br Someone asked for my autograph thinking I was Sandra br biSCOREi What makes you feel sexy?bbr br Hot new heels. Getting all dolled-up in tight jeans, short-shorts or br biSCOREi Has modeling at SCORE changed you at all?bbr br Not really. I have always been very open sexually and SCORE gave me the opportunity to broaden that horizon.
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