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Cindy Cupps

In her close to 10 years of exotic dancing and photo shoots, areolae goddess Cindy Cupps never did an all-in hardcore scene. The closest Cindy came, no pun intended, was a hand job and tit-wank scene Tits and Tugs on DVD, milking a cock to an explosion all over her fantastic big boobs. Would you call it sexual? I dont know. I would call it foreplay, Cindy said about this video. And then there was her strap-on girl-girl with her best friend Crystal Gunns Big Tit br This fantasy video posits the question of what-if Cindy entered a glory hole room with cocks sticking out of the walls?br br Cindy became an exotic dancer when she was 18 years old, right after graduating high school. A few years later, in 1999, she was checking out a convention in New York City called Erotica. A photographer spotted br I just walked by her and she went, like, Wow! I must have been wearing something that showed a little cleavage. I cant remember, Cindy recalled. And she stopped me and she asked me if I wanted to do any magazines and modeling. I was skeptical at first. I listened to her for a little bit. I went home, thought about it and I called her back. Thats how it br Most people think dancers and models live wild lives 24-7. Some do but not girls like Cindy, even though her big tits, dancing and frequent appearances in SCORE attracted tons of attention and br Im pretty much a loner by nature, Cindy explained. I like my privacy, being in my own little world. Im not saying Im anti-social. I like to go out and have a good time. But Id rather just stay home most evenings and watch a good movie.
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