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Popper Topper I Dont Like Oral Sex

Laurella is a new top buster boasting massive natural jugs from--where else--the Czech Republic, home of the whoppers. Laurella has an extremely strong resemblance to the very popular Bozena, another VoluptuousXL Girl since 2004. She not only resembles Bozena, shes just as horny. Like Bozena, Laurella went right for the cock, and while she does do very nice solo posing, if a babe is going to screw right from the beginning, lets go for it. Laurella is highly cock-devoted and that love shows in this first scene, her very first for The SCORE Group. A secretary by profession, Laurella says she has sex in her spare time. Secretary. Hobby is sex. The perfect combination to begin fucking for the SCORE cameras. She likes to watch soccer, masturbates every night, goes to swingers parties when the opportunity arises, has messed around with women, and figures she has sex about five times a week. i dont like oral sex to show my breasts too much when I dress. I usually dress sporty and elegant. Making the video was different. Dressing my tits in sexy tops is a must for everyone watching, no? I love my tits but I do not like to flaunt them when I go out. Im young but I have tried everything that I wanted to do. Now Im trying modeling and I like that too. All my life, many men will come up to me and say Wow, you have big breasts! I just say thank you. They should think first and say other things. I know I have big breasts. I see them in the mirror every day. If a man can say more charming things, maybe they would be more successful with women. I am not going to go home with every man who gives me a compliment and fuck him but I might give some my email. They should say something like Your sweater looks very good on you or something of this nature. I like a man who makes me feel sexy. Once he can do that, I will give him everything he wants because I am a very assertive, aggressive woman. I know what men like.
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Date Added: Oct 10, 2011
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