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Busty Big-uns Jane Blow

We believe in higher education and we know that countless college campuses in North America are packed with heavy-breasted co-eds eager to take off their clothes. Naturally, wed like the better looking of those co-eds to visit our bachelor pad-style studio and get loose for our cameras. Jane was an American college co-ed in Montreal when she contacted us because a friend urged her to model for Voluptuous magazine. Now thats what we call a pal. The man has good taste. Before Miss 36FF Blow went home, we asked her to tell her busty classmates about us. Despite her name, Miss Blow did not do any videos or photos with Mr. Cock although she did stick lucky toys in her pussy. Facially, Jane reminded some of us of the famous British sweater-stretcher Denise Davies. They have that same sort of cherubic facial structure and warm smile. And big, real knockers. In this SCORE Video, Jane goes for a jog along a quiet road. Naturally, shes wearing a scooped halter-top that lets us enjoy the sight of her bouncing tits moving with every step. What breast-man could ever get enough of that wonderful sight? The quiet type, Jane exercises topless on one of those skiing machines before she gives herself a work-out with a pussy exerciser that suspiciously looks like a rubber dick. You dont see that on television in the morning!
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