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Blast From The Past Latina Melanie Ass-fucked

You know youre in for something special in the opening seconds of this remastered, vintage scene when Melanie goes to her mail box. Shes wearing a short skirt, and a gust of wind causes this 43-year-old divorcees skirt to billow up, giving us a nice view of her thonged br Moments later, Melanie is walking down a path. She passes Anthony, whos so distracted by her that he trips and drops the boxes he was carrying. Melanie goes to help him and gives him her br See you tonight at my house, she tells br Really? he br Really! She walks away, swiveling her hips. Later, Anthony shows up--of course he does--and before long, hes pumping her face with his cock while she fingers her pierced br Sit on my face, he tells her, so she br Now, they just met that afternoon, so theyre just gonna fuck, right?br br Well, yeah, if just gonna fuck means hes going to fuck her ass, br By the way, Melanie is very loud when she fucks, so if you have neighbors or thin walls, keep the volume down.
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Date Added: Oct 20, 2021