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Claudia KeAlohas solo cam-shows are very fucking hot and theres no cock to block the sight of her pink-hole. Claudia also is very vocal. The busty brunette has a nice dirty mouth that inspires jacking. She gives good eye-connection too. We highly recommend you check out Claudias bikini show in the iSCOREi models dressing room. Her slim and stacked body is fantastic. She keeps herself in great br Our Q and A continuesbr br iSCOREi Do you speak any other languages?br br bClaudia KeAloha Yes Spanish and a little Japanese.bbr br iSCOREi Have any busty models been an inspiration or good friend to you?br br bClaudia KeAloha Yes. Summer Sinn. She is a very sweet girl and very smart. Also Minka. She is a super-smart business woman and in incredible shape.bbr br iSCOREi Do you have any one favorite iSCOREi boy-girl scene youve done? What made it so memorable?br br bClaudia KeAloha I love The Return Of Claudia Kealoha. I really enjoyed that one. You guys did a great job of shooting it and the stills are very beautiful. I also had fun in The Hotel Hi-Jacker, Double Play, and I loved working with Tony De Sergio. What a sweetheart. What made those scenes memorable was the guys you use as talent. They were very sweet and, to me, sweet is a huge turn on. You guys hire some very nice guys as talent.bbr br iSCOREi What are your favorite sexual positions?br br bClaudia KeAloha Missionary. Because I love to kiss and have my tits sucked while I am fucking.bbr br iSCOREi What sexually satisfies you the best?br br bClaudia KeAloha There is no telling sometimes with someone you just met. Pheromones, I suppose. Body chemistry. Some guys for no particular reason are a turn-on.bbr br iSCOREi Do you watch adult movies? What kind do you like?br br bClaudia KeAloha Sometimes I like 2 girls and a guy.bbr
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