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Double Penetration Double Vagina

Shes super-busty and she has a hot body. Shes beautiful. Shes bright. Shes an exotic Asian Brit with a sexy British accent. Shes got a wild appetite for nasty sex and a very dirty mind. Shes got it br She is Tigerr br And this time, Tigerr gets taken by two in a very rude double-penetration, rare double-vagina. Or does Tigerr take them?br br We talked to Tigerr covergirl of the upcoming Holiday 14 SCORE magazine about this br iSCOREi Tigerr, What do you like better one-on-one sex, a two guy threesome, or a guy and girl threesome? And why do you like it better? Tell us about br bTigerr Mmmm, well, its changed for me. I seem to have got more greedy so I prefer guys all to myself. Maybe Ill try a three guy foursome one day. I want to see how that feels, each of my holes filled at the same time. I remember my first DP. I was so nervous and it felt so strange but so good. But it would have to be three guys that are really hot for me. Laughs I love attention.bbr br iSCOREi What do you enjoy about double penetration? Do you cum harder than through vaginal orgasms alone?br br bTigerr A little sexcret. I actually started liking anal more than vaginal but feeling another guy filling me as well as a guy in my ass is super hot for me. I do cum harder because it seems dirtier. I have a dirty mind and sometimes it makes me cum more than whats happening in my holes.bbr br iSCOREi When did you first start having anal sex and Double penetrations?br br bTigerr I think my first anal was when I was really young. But my first boyfriends were Chinese really big. It wasnt painful. Double penetration...I only had my first last year. Actually I dont really get many requests for DP but I never say no.bbr br iSCOREi In your private life, you prefer sex with two men?br br bTigerr No, not really, because its just almost impossible to find two guys that will want to get that close to each other. Laughs Its hard enough to find one guy that can give me what I want. Laughsbbr br iSCOREi How should a guy handle your boobs? Hard sucking or soft? Rough or gentle?br br bTigerr A bit of both. I like variation. When its passionate I like to be treated rough. I like to feel the full power of an alpha male.bbr br iSCOREi Do the guys you meet spend a lot of time sucking and fucking your tits?br br bTigerr Mmm, some do. Some just suck my boobs, much more than fucking my boobs. They cannot keep their hands off them most of the time. They feel quite soft even though they are large.bbr br iSCOREi When youre making videos, is sex more exciting than sex in private?br br bTigerr Definitely. Ive always liked being watched and the attention. My ex used to get off watching me with other men so I liked performing for him. It was hot knowing he was watching me, knowing he was jealous because he didnt have such a big cock and seeing me enjoying it. b
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