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Tight Lil Pussyhole

Little Lia Ezra has a problem. Her pussy is really snug and her new boyfriends cock is the biggest shes ever seen. Theyve tried to fuck, but they keep running into the same obstacle. Her twat is just too tight. But today will be the day. They start out kissing and rubbing each others bodies until the pressure builds up inside both of them. Are you ready for this, baby? he asks her. Oh, shes ready. At first he can barely fit a finger in her moist pussy hole, but he keeps probing until shes moaning with pleasure. Now his cock needs some lube, which Lia is glad to provide via a sloppy blowjob. She bobs on his cock and grips his balls until she cant stand having an empty twat for one more minute. She readies herself on her back, grabs his sides and watches as he lowers himself into her. His member disappears, inch by inch, and slowly fills her pussy. It takes a while, but she eventually takes him as deep as her petite body will allow. They switch so that she can go for a ride and control the cocks depth. When hes ready to cum, she slides off and lets him paint her face with shot after shot of hot, sticky cum. Now shes stretched enough for round two!
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