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Grand Bahama - Karla James

What kind of pictorial and video do thousands of boob guys immediately, collectively think of when presented with a warm, sun-drenched outdoor location? Right! The car wash, as done by a busty girl in a T-shirt or bikini top and bikini bottom or shorts, specifically denim br This type of scene was originally made famous by Hollywood. Back in 1967, Paul Newman and his fellow chain gang co-workers stood in silent devotion as sexy Joy Harmon washed a car in the movie Cool Hand Luke. With that spirit in mind, the awesomely voluptuous and beautiful Karla James brought her own matchless style to Grand Bahama Island as she washed a car, drenching herself in the process and then peeling off in ways Miss Harmon could never have done for Mr. Newman and friends. Arent you glad this car wash is brought to you by SCORELAND and not Warner Brothers?br br Karla James was born to wash cars in skimpy outfits for the camera. Do girls do this in the United Kingdom? We predict enrollment in photography schools will increase after this SCORELAND special! Thank you, Karla! You wash, well wax!
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Date Added: Oct 10, 2011
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